Can Prostate Cancer Prevent Erection?

Normally, early stages of prostate cancer do not have any symptoms at all. Men who have active sex life can still continue such activities they enjoy doing without feeling anything. However, when the prostate cancer advances, men would often have trouble having or keeping an erection. Impotency is one of the symptoms of prostrate cancer.

However, impotency doesn’t necessarily mean you have prostate cancer. There are many types of illnesses, which cause impotency in men, and some these illnesses are not really serious and can be easily treated. Moreover, symptoms like blood in the urine, pain in the spine, hips ribs and other bones, weakness or numbness in the legs and feet and loss of bladder or bowel control is not only attributable to prostate cancer but also with other ailments. Again, we could never over emphasize the importance of early detection when it comes to cancer be it prostate cancer or something else. The earlier the prostate cancer is diagnosed, the better.

Why does prostate cancer prevent erection? The prostate is located in below the urethra and in front of the rectum in men. This gland is the size of a walnut. The primary function of the prostate is providing seminal fluid to the sperms to keep them healthy. Where the prostate is experiencing abnormalities, it will not be able to function properly thus the reduced ability to provide seminal fluids that make the sperms fertile.

Furthermore, as the prostate is part of the reproductive organ of the male, the fact that there are abnormalities in the prostate would also have some bearing on the ability of the man to enjoy sex. In most instances, anxiety and other psychological factors affect the sexual urges of the man suffering from prostate cancer. The treat of prostate cancer is so real that men are often so scared of it and could not function properly.

Women whose men are suffering with prostate cancer should understand the situation their men are in. From the very day where a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, one could not expect him to accept his situation rationally. Most of these men diagnosed with prostate cancer would often deny the fact that they have the big C. More often than not, men would associate prostate cancer with the inability to have sex.

Women might find it irrational that men would often worry more about their ability to have sex than the possibilities of really dying of prostate cancer. Again, such reaction is part of the human coping mechanism called denial. Women should be very astute is dealing with this. Sometimes, focusing ones attention on sexual performance, which is actually not associated with dying, will often divert the attention of the sufferers from the real danger. So, if your man starts fretting about not being able to have an erection, don’t start ranting and raving about the fact the he has prostate cancer and how it affects his sexual functions. That certainly will not help you or your man.

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