Can A Change In Diet Prevents Prostate Cancer?

What causes prostate cancer is still unknown to modern science. Medical practioners still can’t give an exact cause why there are changes in the prostate gland of the male, (that walnut size organ located below the bladder and in front of the rectum) occurs. These changes referred to in the medical world as prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia or PIN is closely associated with prostate cancer and is a cause for alarm. Having high-grade or abnormal PIN is closely associated with prostate cancer that in most cases, where an abnormal PIN is detected in the prostate, doctors would often subject the patient for further biopsy.

Although the cases of the changes in the male prostate is unknown, the good news is that scientist have discovered ways to prevent such fatal changes which leads to prostate cancer. According to studies of the American Cancer Society, the diet of the person plays a vital role in the health of that person.

Following these findings, the same organization advices men all over the world to watch the kind of food they eat to stay healthy. Eating the right kind of food would significantly reduce risk of contracting prostate cancer in men. Red meat and fatty food increases the risk of prostate cancer so men are advised to reduce their intake these food group and go for more fish, vegetables and fruits. Go easy on those burgers and steaks and get more of the salads if you want to reduce your risk of getting prostate cancer later in life. It is recommended that men should eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

There are certain types of fruits and vegetables which are said to prevent many types of cancers. Tomatoes, pink grapefruit and watermelon which are rich is substances called lycopenes that prevents damage to the DNA can significantly lower risk of acquiring prostate cancer in men. These types of fruits and vegetables can readily be found in supermarkets and are easy to prepare. You can even eat these raw and they taste good too. The rule of thumb is cancer prevention is to take in as much fiber as possible. Fibers are known and proven to have some preventive effects in almost all types of cancers.

There are those who recommend taking vitamin E and the mineral selenium daily as these two are said to reduce risk of getting prostate cancer. How reliable is this? There are studies that endorse the use of vitamin E to prevent prostate cancer but there also studies, which found that vitamin E, really have no impact on cancer prevention. In fact, there are studies, which show that Vitamin E can increase the risk of acquiring other forms of diseases such as heart ailments. As for selenium, there are no clear showing that it use is actually beneficial in preventing prostate cancer. It is therefore best to discuss with your doctor before you start taking any vitamin supplements.

Remember that the wrong vitamins you take without your doctor’s advice can cause health hazards. For instance, there are studies showing that vitamin A actually increase risk prostate cancer risk.

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