Obstructive Sleep Apnea And Health Insurance For Truck Drivers

Truck driving is perhaps one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Most people don’t understand why it is so dangerous. You see there are several truck drivers who die because of highway accidents. Even the most careful truck drivers are not guaranteed that they will not encounter issues on the road. This is just one of many reasons why truck drivers need to have good good health insurance to cover them while they are on the road. Health insurance for truckers is tough to get

There are various health insurance policies that are intended for truck drivers. It is very important that you find a good good health insurance broker if you want to get the best value for your premium dollar. This is necessary to know which health insurance for drivers is the most appropriate for you.

Because of the way of life that many drivers live, they typically will have serious health problems. For this reason, it is really important to have a health plan that would cover your health benefits in case you encounter some health-related problems along the way. Most good health insurance for truck drivers cover health benefit policies that encompass medical services such as ICU, lab procedures, surgical operations and others. You also need prescription help.

If you will get health insurance plan, it is important that you consider some vital factors regarding the premiums as well as the benefits. Not all insurance policies are expensive. There is good health insurance for truck drivers which are affordable. You need to make sure that you chose a plan that will give you the best benefits that you can afford. There are many insurance plans to choose from so be careful in your selection.

Drivers with untreated sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, are a serious threat to themselves and others that are traveling our highway system. Truck driver exhaustion is responsible for an estimated 110,000 motor vehicle accidents and over 1,500 fatalities every year and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the cost of fatigued driving is roughly 1 billion a year. The Situational Performance of the untreated driver is comparable to that of a person with a .06 – .08 Blood Alcohol Content level. As you can see, sleep apnea in the trucking industry is a problem.

It is of great concern that truck drivers with OSA frequently under report or play down signs and symptoms such as daytime tiredness and snoring. With limited exercise, irregular schedules and a high fat diet, the trucking habits is incredibly harmful. These are the factors which puts most drivers in a high-risk category. The truck driving lifestyle is not the cause of the disease but it contributes greatly to it.

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BPH or
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a fairly common problem with men who
are either in or have crossed middle age. It is caused by the swelling
of the prostate and depending on the extent of the swelling, you can
get either have a little problem with urinating or can even end up with
serious kidney problems because of the high back pressure due to the
constriction of the ureter. 

One of the
most common symptoms of BPH is difficulty in urinating. This is because
the prostate which sits just near where the urinary bladder joins the
ureter encircling the ureter starts constricting the ureter when it
swells up. Initially the constriction will be nothing but an issue with
a long slow dribble at the end of urinating, but as the condition
worsens, the person will have difficulty with urinating at

A person
suffering from prostate may have symptoms anywhere between these two
extremes like a long slow dribble, or stopping and starting when
urinating, or an increase in the frequency of urinating,
discontinuance, not able to completely empty the bladder or even blood
in the urine in certain cases. 

BPH can be associated with urinary tract infections or even stones in
the kidneys. 

There may
also be pain associated both when urinating as well as normally too.
This pain can be in the region at the bottom of the gut or between the
testicles and the anus. 

It is also
not necessary that men who have a larger prostate will have a bigger
problem. There are many men who have a very big enlargement of the
prostate but do not have too much of a problem while others will suffer
a great deal with just a small enlargement of their prostate. In fact
most men suffer from some degree of prostate problems as they age. It
is just that the issue is not serious enough for them to seek medical
help and so it goes undiagnosed. 

general advise to all men is that if there is any pain associated with
urinating, it is best to seek medical help. Even if the prostate is yet
not serious enough to warrant any intervention, the physician will at
least be able to rule out other more serious complications like
prostate cancer.


Can Prostate Cancer Prevent Erection?

Normally, early stages of prostate cancer do not have any symptoms at all. Men who have active sex life can still continue such activities they enjoy doing without feeling anything. However, when the prostate cancer advances, men would often have trouble having or keeping an erection. Impotency is one of the symptoms of prostrate cancer.

However, impotency doesn’t necessarily mean you have prostate cancer. There are many types of illnesses, which cause impotency in men, and some these illnesses are not really serious and can be easily treated. Moreover, symptoms like blood in the urine, pain in the spine, hips ribs and other bones, weakness or numbness in the legs and feet and loss of bladder or bowel control is not only attributable to prostate cancer but also with other ailments. Again, we could never over emphasize the importance of early detection when it comes to cancer be it prostate cancer or something else. The earlier the prostate cancer is diagnosed, the better.

Why does prostate cancer prevent erection? The prostate is located in below the urethra and in front of the rectum in men. This gland is the size of a walnut. The primary function of the prostate is providing seminal fluid to the sperms to keep them healthy. Where the prostate is experiencing abnormalities, it will not be able to function properly thus the reduced ability to provide seminal fluids that make the sperms fertile.

Furthermore, as the prostate is part of the reproductive organ of the male, the fact that there are abnormalities in the prostate would also have some bearing on the ability of the man to enjoy sex. In most instances, anxiety and other psychological factors affect the sexual urges of the man suffering from prostate cancer. The treat of prostate cancer is so real that men are often so scared of it and could not function properly.

Women whose men are suffering with prostate cancer should understand the situation their men are in. From the very day where a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, one could not expect him to accept his situation rationally. Most of these men diagnosed with prostate cancer would often deny the fact that they have the big C. More often than not, men would associate prostate cancer with the inability to have sex.

Women might find it irrational that men would often worry more about their ability to have sex than the possibilities of really dying of prostate cancer. Again, such reaction is part of the human coping mechanism called denial. Women should be very astute is dealing with this. Sometimes, focusing ones attention on sexual performance, which is actually not associated with dying, will often divert the attention of the sufferers from the real danger. So, if your man starts fretting about not being able to have an erection, don’t start ranting and raving about the fact the he has prostate cancer and how it affects his sexual functions. That certainly will not help you or your man.

Understanding The Causes Of Prostate Cancer

Perhaps the reason so many people are ignorant about prostate cancer, despite the disease’s nagging stronghold on American men (prostate cancer is the second-leading killer of men in the United States), is because the causes of prostate cancer are not all that clear, even to doctors. Still, those in the medical profession have gathered enough statistics over the years and they believe a combination of factors may lead to prostate cancer.

The first most probable cause of prostate cancer is an overkill of the hormone testosterone, as those who have prostate cancer often sport high levels of testosterone too. This is a bit confusing however, as prostrate cancer often affects those who are aging an have declining testosterone levels. But because of this, a testosterone variant – referred to as DHT – increases.

Additionally, a diet heavy in animal fat tends to be associated with those who suffer from prostate cancer.

But what’s more interesting is how the environment may play a big role in causing prostate cancer. The geographic region where a man lives may directly affect the likelihood that he or she will get prostrate cancer. For instance, people in Asia are far less likely to get prostate cancer than people in the United States. Your first assumption might be that Asians are simply less vulnerable to the disease than Caucasians.

However, this is probably not true, as Japanese and Chinese men who move to the United States are at a higher risk of getting prostate cancer than Japanese and Chinese men who stay in their native countries. Basically, the incidences of prostate cancer vary wildly from country to country, not necessarily ethnicity to ethnicity. Europe and America in particular see high rates of prostate cancer. Still, this could mean that prostate cancer is detected more commonly in the States, not simply more common. The verdict is still out.

Due to how elusive the causes of prostate cancer are, prostate cancer is considered a non-preventable disease. Fortunately, it progresses so slowly that many men die from old age or other medical complications before they are even diagnosed with the cancer. And treatments for the cancer are largely successful when men are diagnosed. However, because doctors can’t pinpoint why prostate cancer occurs and the symptoms tend to sneak up on men, prostate cancer can be a dangerous and tricky disease too. And it is an alarmingly widespread problem; besides lung cancer, more men in America have died from it than any other malignancy.

The more the medical community can learn about the causes of prostate cancer, the more it can properly combat it. But in the meantime, American men over the age 50 should be on their toes and in tune to their body. This doesn’t mean they should panic over every symptom, as symptoms of prostate cancer – like enlarged prostate, and frequent and painful urination – are more commonly a result of benign prostatitus and not cancer, but that they should simply pay attention to symptoms and immediately consult a doctor if they have them. In fact, even if they are suffering from prostatitus, and not cancer, (as 50% of men will have an enlarged prostate in their lifetime that is usually harmless with simple treatment), there can still be serious and sometimes fatal complications if the gland goes untreated.

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Prostate Cancer Symptom

In one year alone more than thirty thousand men in America will be defeated by prostate cancer…

VA Ratings For Prostate Cancer

The United States government has come up with a va ratings for prostate cancer…

GTx Announces Presentation of ACAPODENE Data At ASCO Prostate Cancer Symposium (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)

MEMPHIS, Tenn.—-GTx, Inc. , today announced that Phase III data from a bone mineral density interim analysis and from a lipid interim analysis will be presented in separate podium sessions on February 23rd at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Prostate Cancer Symposium.

Miraculins Announces Completion of Patient Enrollment in Pivotal Prostate Cancer Biomarker Study (SYS-CON Media)

Miraculins Inc. (TSX VENTURE: MOM), a biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery and validation of cancer biomarkers for use in developing diagnostic tools and therapeutic products is pleased to announce the completion of patient enrollment in its PCSC04 study.

Mineral County Health Department offers free prostate screening clinic February 26 (Mineral Daily News-Tribune)

A free prostate screening clinic will be held at the Mineral County Health Department on Monday, Feb. 26, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The screening will include a digital rectal exam and PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test.

Baptist to perform clinical trial of prostate cancer therapy (BizJournals)

A collaboration of Baptist Memorial Health Care Corp. and local urologists is the first group in the nation approved for Phase III clinical trials of a prostate cancer therapy that destroys cancer cells with sound waves.

Baptist and UroCenter to Participate in Prostate Cancer Clinical Study (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)

The UroCenter, a partnership between Baptist Memorial Health Care and the physicians at the UroCenter, is the first site in the nation approved by the Food and Drug Administration for a Phase III clinical study to test a noninvasive therapy that uses ultrasound technology to treat localized prostate cancer.

New drugs slow prostate cancer growth (UPI)

A type of anti-cancer drug that blocks an important growth factor has prolonged the lives of patients with recurrent prostate cancer, say California …

New drugs show promise for prostate cancer (UPI)

U.S. oncologists say a new class of targeted anti-cancer drugs shows promise in prolonging the lives of patients with recurrent prostate cancer.

Men With Prostate Cancer Optimistic (RedNova)

Men treated for prostate cancer feel optimistic about their condition over time and have a high level of trust for their doctors, says a British researcher.

Free prostate cancer screenings available (The State)

Churches and civic groups in Richland, Lexington, Fairfield and Pickens counties are invited to participate in the Real Men Prostate Health Campaign from March 1 to Sept. 30.

Men with prostate cancer optimistic (UPI)

Men treated for prostate cancer feel optimistic about their condition over time and have a high level of trust for their doctors, says a British …

Previous Prostate Health News…



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Prostate Health – Avoiding Cancer At All Costs

Understanding prostate health is essential. Worldwide, over 500,000 new cases of prostate cancer will likely occur this year. Almost half of those cases will come out of the United States, where 1 and 6 men are at risk of getting prostate cancer. Of the Americans diagnosed with it, almost 10% will die.

But what is this rife, noxious disease? Getting a grip on prostate health starts with an understanding of the body. The prostate gland is a walnut-sized organ that sits right in front of a man’s rectum and beneath his bladder. It is the organ that secretes semen and is surrounded by the urethra. Prostate disorders caused by an inflamed or enlarged prostate are amazingly common and the consequence is most often a relatively harmless, albeit nagging, urinary tract infection. However, it can become acute, chronic or even life-threatening if left untreated. (Prostate problems are normally simple to treat, fortunately.) However, a malignant tumor can also result and this is what prostate cancer is. Treatment options include, among others, surgery (wherein all or part of the prostate gland is removed) and radiation therapy.

The precise causes of prostate cancer are still up in the air, as medical experts don’t have a perfect grasp on what the root of the pesky disease is. High levels of the testosterone variant DHT, a diet heavy in animal fat, and living in the United States and Europe all may increase a man’s risk of getting prostrate cancer and decreasing prostate health. However, doctors do know, beyond a doubt, that American men middle-aged and older are the likeliest of the world’s population to be diagnosed with the malignancy, which next to lung and skin cancer, is the most prevalent cancer in the United States male population.

There are several things a man can do to ensure prostate health and they include taking nutritional supplements and learning to recognize a symptom of prostatitus (a benign disorder caused by an enlarged prostate) and prostate cancer. Symptoms include frequent, painful, and sudden urination, lower back pain, fever, sexual dysfunction, and more. Fortunately, treatment is almost always successful, especially if one consults his doctor early on and finds the best treatment option for his lifestyle and needs.

The first step is to get informed and if you’re reading this, you’re off to a great start.

Prostatitis Symptoms

is the medical term that refers to the
swelling of the prostate gland. The prostate gland is a small, walnut
sized, bladder like organ that produces the semen, or the fluid that
nourishes the sperm and keeps it alive when outside the

When this
prostate gland swells up it is known as
prostatitis. This can be caused for various reasons including bacterial
infections. Sometimes a person can get prostatitis without any apparent
cause for it. 

The usual
symptoms of prostatitis is a difficulty in
urinating, but there are a number of other symptoms too as given below.
As per the Mayo clinic, the prostatitis symptoms can be…

  • Slow or inability to urinate
  • Pain or a burning sensation
    that accompanies urination 
  • Any pain in the lower gut or
    abdomen or between the scrotum and
    the anus 
  • Pain when
  • Sometimes accompanied by flu
    like symptoms 

Depending on the kind of prostatitis that a person gets, the symptoms
too will vary. For example, the flu like symptoms are generally found
only in those cases where prostatitis is caused due to a bacterial

Again prostatitis can be classified into chronic and non chronic
depending on whether it is a recurring issue or not. Prostatitis
symptoms do not necessarily have to accompany prostatitis though. There
are a number of cases where men may very well have a slight swelling of
their prostate glands, but are totally unaware of it.

The only time that this will come out is when they are checked for some
other problem and their prostatitis comes out in the results of tests.
This is however not a serious issue and does not have to be treated.

If you are feeling embarrassed to visit a health practitioner, don’t
be. If there is any pain in the area specified above for any reason,
either normally or during urination or ejaculation, it is best to check
with a doctor. The reason is that if you have a bad case of prostatitis
and do not treat it promptly, it may very well lead to more serious
consequences like urinary tract infections and even kidney diseases.

Treatment Pertaining To Prostate Cancer Discussed

Cancer can be a critical disease that is brought on by the actual uncontrollable expansion associated with malignancy tissues in numerous body parts.  You can find different kinds of cancer according to wherever precisely they will develop. Consequently, the category of the cancer is dependent on the body element wherever that they multiply.  As an illustration, prostate cancer that’s known . cancer malignancy when the cells of cancer start to acquire inside the prostate which usually is found in males.  Prostate cancer nowadays, is incredibly typical due to way of life than mankind has these days plus the food they consume also.  The actual development range from slight in order to significant as well as the type of therapy for prostate cancer is dependent into it.

The actual symptoms of prostate cancer usually acquire slowly as compared to other forms of cancer malignancy.  Likewise, the cancer itself isn’t a fast-growing cancer consequently a number of medical professionals do not advise a new rigid treatment initially particularly when cancer is merely moderate.  Just what typically comes about is always that, when the individual will be clinically determined to have prostate cancer, a doctor calls for a man to look at number of exams after which it measure the final results to consider a suitable cure pertaining to prostate cancer.  Consequently, if the cancer is merely slight they only propose the sufferer remedy pertaining to prostate cancer to create careful waiting around or perhaps productive security.

Nearly all medical doctors believe immediate cure with regard to early stages of prostate cancer seriously isn’t necessary due to the fact a number of most cancers is not displaying virtually any signs or symptoms or perhaps that the cancer cells are simply developing way too little by little which usually is just restricted inside a small portion from the physique. Inside watchful waiting, the particular doctors advise the patient to undergo frequent blood checks, rectal tests as well as recurrent biopsies to evaluate your advance of the cancer malignancy. Which means that watchful longing might only need you to have a very recurrent trip to the particular hospital pertaining to tests and also frequent consultations with the physician.  Therefore should the check effects display further development with the cancer, several remedies are going to be suggested by the doctors that typically contain surgery, radiotherapy, hormone treatment or perhaps chemotherapy to avoid the cells of cancer through increasing.

Even though the cancer influences early on stage, there is no need for you to fret or perhaps be stressed over it.  You have to remember that sensing the cancer at an early on stage is significantly far better therefore a chiropractor can easily suggest a good system for you which in turn have no idea have to have remedy with regard to prostate cancer or even therapy.  Many people usually find scared on the expression malignancy since this phrase just means out there discomfort and large amount of money. On this phase, the person is simply recommended to eat a healthy diet by simply reducing steak plus more involving bass as well as light beef as well as ingesting the rest of green veggies and fruits.  Workout is usually necessary to maintain your physique balanced and also from unhealthy weight.  Having an abundance of water is also suggested.  If you can ,, stay away from smoking cigarettes as well as ingesting a lot of alcohol in order to help great the circulation of blood by the body processes.

Find out more about prostate cancer with http://www.TreatmentsForProstateCancer.org.

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Articles – ProstateHealthAdvice.com

Basic Information About Prostate Cancer You Should Know – Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that is feared by men across the world. Not many people have an advanced knowledge of the disease, and it’s important to know everything you can about it since all men are at risk.

Can Prostate Cancer Prevent Erection? – Normally, early stages of prostate cancer do not have any symptoms at all. Men who have active sex life can still continue such activities they enjoy doing without feeling anything.

Can A Change In Diet Prevents Prostate Cancer? – What causes prostate cancer is still unknown to modern science. Medical practioners still can’t give an exact cause why there are changes in the prostate gland of the male, (that walnut size organ located below the bladder and in front of the rectum)

Does Having Prostate Cancer Mean Automatic Death Or Is There Life After Cancer? – When a doctor mentions the possibility of prostate cancer, most men think they have received a death sentence. The truth is that prostate cancer is a very serious disease to take very seriously.

Finding Support Groups For Prostate Cancer – You Don’t Have To Go It Alone – Being diagnosed with cancer of any form can be life changing. In fact, the song “Live Like You Were Dying” sums it up the priority change you can go through quite nicely.

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