Health and fitness information

how does stress affect health
Learn the creative and effective ways of handling your daily stress and start taking control of your life.

ADHD programs
Discover, uncover and explore the gift that is inherent within ADHD. We will show you how to fully utilize the gift of ADHD. Through interviews from experts and reviewing scientific literature, we will bring you the best information so you can relax.

kidney stone in children and women and men
This site is about kidney stones. The symptoms, the cures, the causes and the treatment and home remedies of kdidney stones. You will also find resources to aid in your prevention of kidney stones. Home treatement and home remedies

Find Information and a wide range of Equipment for your Home Gym project.

hot yoga
Your beginners Hot Yoga class will consist of 26 beginners postures and two breathing exercises. Your yoga teacher provides yoga teacher training.

holistic healing
For crystal healing work it is best to acquire at first a large crystal, which will be your generator. Healing crystals can by used for Holistic Healing.

wellness programs
Inner Peace Awareness Centre is a wellness center that offers both wellness programs and chiropractic care. The Health and Wellness Center specializes as a womens wellness center.

ways to quit smoking
A popular stop smoking pill is Zyban. Zyban is actually an anti-depressant smoking cessation drug, which releases endorphins by stimulating the pituitary gland.

Lower blood pressure foods
High blood pressure (hypertension) is the silent killer. High BP damages your body in many ways, most of them eventually fatal. You can control high BP naturally, easily, avoiding costly and sometimes dangerous drugs. We did it; you can too! We show how.


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