Prostate Cancer Treatments – What Are The Options?

Prostate cancer is the second-leading killer of men in the United States and next to skin cancer and lung cancer; it is the most commonly diagnosed disease in American men, so itís important for you to know what the different prostate cancer treatments are. Fortunately, cancer deaths resulting in malignant prostrate tumors have been gradually decreasing over the years because of early detection and advancements in the medical field. So what are the treatments for prostate cancer?

The answer isnít a simple one. There are a variety of treatment options for those suffering from prostate cancer and a person must review them all thoroughly with guidance from a urologist, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist. There are basically six common treatments however. Here they are:


ďWaitingĒ hardly seems like one of the most common prostate cancer treatments and it isnít. However, many men prefer to avoid surgery and other therapies altogether and just sit and wait to see how their symptoms develop and the cancer progresses. If their cancer is growing at a slow rate and especially if they have other medical disorders or are elderly, simply letting doctors monitor the cancer may be a better, more comfortable alternative than having surgery or enduring other treatments, even though it certainly isnít always the best option. This is really only recommended for those who are aging or suffering from medical problems that would greatly complicate any treatments for prostate cancer and perhaps shorten their lifespan.


Prostatectomy is what surgery on a prostate gland is called and it involves simply removing the problematic part of the gland (or sometimes all of it). For those who detect the cancer early on, radical surgery is in order. But there are other surgeries designed for those with more advanced cancer. There are several kinds of surgeries and itís important for one to investigate all his options and make sure he fully trusts his surgeon to use this prostate cancer treatments method.

Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is probably the first prostrate cancer treatment option that those who have prostate cancer turn to and there are some kinds of this therapy that can even help those with recurring cancer. It basically involves killing the cancerous cells and infected tissues. Like surgery, there are various forms of radiation therapy that must be weighed on an individual basis.

Hormone Therapy

High levels of the hormone testosterone are often associated with prostate cancer, thus hormone therapy is sometimes a treatment option recommended by doctors. It is usually used in combination with other treatments Ė not exclusively. It helps to cure prostate cancer; it does not cure it.


Chemotherapy is similar to radiation therapy, as its strategy is to stop the cancerous cells from duplicating. It has grown in popularity over the years so it is one of the new treatments that is increasingly popular in the medical community Ė but doctors donít know the extent of its effectiveness yet.

These are the most common and traditionally treatments for prostate cancer, but other alternative therapies exist. Make sure to be in the loop about the latest news regarding prostate cancer treatment. While there is no easy cure for prostate cancer, an overwhelming majority of those who are diagnosed with the disease will fully recover, so there is plenty of hope.

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