Prostatitis Causes

However odd
this may sound, nobody actually knows
exactly what causes prostatitis. Only in one case and that is when
there is a bacterial infection can the cause be identified. In most of
the cases of prostatitis the cause is never identified and treatment
started even without knowing why the person got prostatitis in the
first place. 

In the case
of bacterial prostatitis the prostate gland
gets infected by bacteria commonly found in urine. When this urine
leaks into the prostate it will lead to infections. Many times this
will lead to recurring bacterial prostatitis because the bacteria that
is causing the infection is “hiding” inside the
and is never fully flushed out by the antibiotics that are the first
line of treatment. 

Mostly this
happens due to an injury to the prostate or
pelvic region that causes the leakage of urine into the prostate as
this does not happen normally. 

the other prostatitis causes are not known,
doctors have a list of risk factors that are associated with
prostatitis. They are given below: 

  • Already had one attack of
  • If you are middle aged or
    past middle age
  • Any kind of injury or trauma
    to the pelvic region, specifically
    the genitalia and/or the region that has the prostate gland. 
  • The use of a catheter or any
    other tube to drain the urine
    directly from the bladder through the urethra
  • There is even a belief that
    there are certain people who are
    genetically predisposed to getting prostate problems
  • Diseases like HIV/AIDS
    sometimes causes prostatitis
    If left untreated there are a number of complications that can result
    from prostatitis. 

One of the
most common complaints is infertility and
abnormalities in the semen. Other problems like kidney problems can
also result due to the tremendous back pressure exerted by the swollen
prostate preventing urine from flowing outside. Sometimes, although not
every time, even infections of the blood can result as will an
inflammation of the epididymitis, the coiled tube at the back of the

Because the
underlying causes for most cases of
prostatitis is not known, it is better to be safe rather than sorry.
This is because although prostatitis is not very dangerous if
identified in the initial stages, and is easily treatable too, the
symptoms of prostate cancer which is a much more severe problem is much
the same as prostatitis. Checking with a doctor if there is any pain in
the pelvic region is the wisest thing to do.

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