Prostatitis Symptoms

is the medical term that refers to the
swelling of the prostate gland. The prostate gland is a small, walnut
sized, bladder like organ that produces the semen, or the fluid that
nourishes the sperm and keeps it alive when outside the

When this
prostate gland swells up it is known as
prostatitis. This can be caused for various reasons including bacterial
infections. Sometimes a person can get prostatitis without any apparent
cause for it. 

The usual
symptoms of prostatitis is a difficulty in
urinating, but there are a number of other symptoms too as given below.
As per the Mayo clinic, the prostatitis symptoms can be…

  • Slow or inability to urinate
  • Pain or a burning sensation
    that accompanies urination 
  • Any pain in the lower gut or
    abdomen or between the scrotum and
    the anus 
  • Pain when
  • Sometimes accompanied by flu
    like symptoms 

Depending on the kind of prostatitis that a person gets, the symptoms
too will vary. For example, the flu like symptoms are generally found
only in those cases where prostatitis is caused due to a bacterial

Again prostatitis can be classified into chronic and non chronic
depending on whether it is a recurring issue or not. Prostatitis
symptoms do not necessarily have to accompany prostatitis though. There
are a number of cases where men may very well have a slight swelling of
their prostate glands, but are totally unaware of it.

The only time that this will come out is when they are checked for some
other problem and their prostatitis comes out in the results of tests.
This is however not a serious issue and does not have to be treated.

If you are feeling embarrassed to visit a health practitioner, don’t
be. If there is any pain in the area specified above for any reason,
either normally or during urination or ejaculation, it is best to check
with a doctor. The reason is that if you have a bad case of prostatitis
and do not treat it promptly, it may very well lead to more serious
consequences like urinary tract infections and even kidney diseases.

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