Supplements For Prostate Health – Making The Right Dietary Choice

A manís prostate gland is a delicate organ and thatís why so many seek out supplements for prostate health. 50% of men will suffer from an enlarged prostate, or prostatitus, in their lifetime. In fact, of all 40-59-year-old men, more than half of them will have an enlarged prostate. Moreover, prostate cancer is second only to lung cancer in the amount of lives it claims of the male population every year. So what can you do to ensure the health of your prostate? Here is a guide to supplements for prostate health.

The prostate gland is a chestnut-sized organ that is right below the bladder and because it encompasses the urethra, transmitting seminal fluid (semen), urinary tract infection results when the prostate becomes inflamed and a malignant tumor can even occur.

Fortunately, there are many natural ways to take care of your prostate that may help you avoid those expensive and intensive surgeries and therapies prescribed for prostate disorders and cancer.

With regards to prostate cancer, even though it is drearily deemed a non-preventable disease, there are some key vitamins a man can take daily that just might reduce the risk of getting the cancer. Vitamin E, Vitamin D, garlic and selenium are popular additions to a personís diet, as they can help prevent prostate disorders. As well, estrogen supplements (derived from soybeans and other plants) are common. High testosterone levels (or high levels of the testosterone variant DHT) are probably partially to blame for causing prostate cancer, thus an increase in estrogen can tame them.

Prostate cancer is more commonly diagnosed in Western countries where men tend to favor diets that feature lots of animal fat, which tends to have toxins. Eating fruit and vegetables (especially red foods boasting the antioxidant agent lycopene) more than those fatty meats might help prevent prostate problems. Fructose, the natural sweetener found in fruit, is also believed to improve prostate health. Studies have also shown that milk might actually promote an unhealthy prostate, because of its rich calcium content.

More importantly, the prostate gland needs zinc. Zinc is hard to come by in a typical diet, even a healthy one, but pumpkin seeds do have it. Adding zinc supplements to your daily regimen is an easy way to help stabilize your hormones and prevent prostate problems. And as aforementioned, selenium is an important nutrient for your prostate health and it is difficult to find in ordinary foods, thus supplements are very useful.

Saw palmetto is the most prominent herbal remedy for prostate health. It comes from palm tree berries and was originally taken advantage of by Native Americans. It essentially inhibits that pesky DHT. Saw palmetto has been proven to be very effective for ensuring oneís prostate health. It is favored over the traditionally prescribed drug Proscar, which isnít nearly as helpful and also comes with annoying side effects like erectile dysfunction.

As recent as April 2006, the British Journal of Cancer found that fish oil could stop the spread of cancerous cells in the prostate. The findings revealed that men with prostate cancer who ate lots of omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil) were easier to treat than those who didnít.

If you want natural style supplements for prostate health, donít rely on brand names for effective treatment Ė simply look to the natural food sources and nutrition to discover what is beneficial for your prostate.

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